Physician Communications Toolkit

Physician Communications Toolkit

Congratulations on receiving a TMF Physician Practice Quality Improvement Award. Please use the materials below to share this good news with others and your community.

Winning physician practices receive commemorative items, including a plaque to display and lapel pins for staff. Practices may purchase additional lapel pins (minimum 100 per order) directly from Signature Pins, 16877 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 313, Orlando, FL 32820 or Call Signature Pins at 1-800-480-6822 (toll-free) or fax them at 1-800-352-9217 (also toll-free). Make sure your order references TMF.

Media Kits

TMF Health Quality Institute is pleased to provide you with the following documents to help you announce your news:

Media Release: A sample media announcement that can be personalized and submitted to your local media.

Newsletter Article: A sample newsletter article about the award and your practice’s accomplishments may be appropriate for your organization’s newsletter. You also may submit the article to your local medical association and/or special interest groups.

Ad Guidelines: Follow these guidelines if you decide to buy advertising space or air time to publicize your award.

Award Logo

Web Materials

These TMF Physician Practice Quality Improvement Award images can be used your website:

Award Criteria

View a list of the criteria used to determine award recipients. (PDF)

For questions about this Communications Toolkit or additional information, email